DEN - Apex Park

Verizon Wireless desired a high point for signal in this geographic area.  The solution was a RF transparent steeple and cupola replacement for the existing church on the hill.  Allowing the church to lease the equipment area for profit and for Verizon Wireless to improve signal for surrounding residents with minimal aesthetic change to the existing structure.  The solution was a win for both the community and the cellular carrier.

GRE - High Hops

This project is an example of how cellular need and local community need meet in an sensitive solution.  The project was divided into two phase of construction to meet the changing needs of changing flood plain and help the City of Windsor's Parks Department met their needs to store their equipment.  The first phase include the construction of a temporary equipment platform, screening landscape, mono-pole and access road. Subsequently, the second phase removed the temporary equipment platform, added the storage building (cellular equipment will be relocated here) and fenced in the area around the mono-pole.  Site is still in process.

DEN - Sanctuary

Verizon Wireless was in need of a site location that would cover a weakness in signal for 4G/ 3G signal for near by residents and businesses.  Verizon Wireless partnered with The Arch Dioceses of Denver to select a site location on site which was picturesque; including monuments and a rose garden.  This gave the opportunity to use  a camouflaged mono-pine to accommodate the technological need and sympathetic design for the site.

DEN - Javelin

Cell sites are absolutely necessary if society wants to stay connected. However, they can oftentimes be described as an eyesore.  This cell site located in Cherry Hills Village, CO, was conscientiously designed to hide the antennas as well as complement the existing architecture of the retail below.   Making this cell site nearly disappear from site.

CSP - OLd Mill

T*Rex Architex worked with Verizon Wireless and Colorado Springs Church to design and deploy a new stealth cellular site located on the church’s property. The solution to both of the organizations needs was the construction of a faux bell tower with RF transparent fiberglass screens at the top to conceal the antennas. Fiber glass screens allow for visual concealment of antennas without impeding the signal of the cellular antennas. 

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